Dried cannelloni tubes 1 pack
Broccoli head 1
large Leek 1 stem
Onion 1 pcs.
Garlic 2−3 cloves
Single cream (light, 10%) 500 ml
Ghee (or butter) 3−4 tbsp.
Mozzarella (or any other soft cheese, easy meltable) 200 g
Oregano 1−2 tsp.
To cook the filling you may use a saucepan or a rather deep frying pan. To bake the cannelloni use a metal backing tray or oven-proof dish that will fit the cannelloni in one layer. Cut the onion in middle-size cubes, the leek in strips and sauté both in ghee over a medium heat about 10 minutes. Pepper slightly.
Add broccoli florets and garlic, baste with approximately half of the single cream, add 1−2 teaspoons oregano, stir and simmer under a cover for 10−15 minutes.
Meanwhile grate the Mozzarella (or a soft cheese alternative) on a rough grater.
Check the simmering vegetables: they should be soft, otherwise simmer yet 2−5 minutes longer. When cooked, mash the vegetables with a blender until homogeneous. Before blending, you may season the mix with some herbs or greens to your taste.

Let the vegetable mix cool down a bit, salt it and add half of the grated cheese. Stir thoroughly. One after another, fill now your cannelloni tubes with this delicious filling. You may use a small coffee spoon, or a kitchen syringe, or just a plastic bag, cutting one of its corners (do not overact — just snip a tiny piece).

Place the filled cannelloni in the form, baste with the rest single cream, wrap a foil over the top and put it in a preheated (180−200° C) stove.
In about 15−20 minutes, take the cannelloni out, spread the rest of your grated cheese upon, again wrap the foil-top over the form and bake another 15 minutes.
Enjoy your meal with shamelessly blissful expression on your face!:)