"Hello, my name is Yulia Forde (Sinyavskaya),
Welcome to my site dedicated to a holistic approach to health and happiness!" 🙂
On this site I share the methods that I use in my practice to maintain physical health and achieve harmony and joy. The methods are very diverse, so the resource turned out a little like a delicious vinaigrette. However, the basis for all proposed methods is the same – this is the ancient science of achieving integrity, the Science of Yoga.

I am convinced that we are here to discover and reconnect with the Source of Love and Peace within ourselves. And for this we need to heal. To be healed from illnesses, pain caused by our separation from this Source. And this is exactly what the goal of Yoga is – a return to wholeness.

For me Yoga is Life. This is the way Home. And you can practice it in different ways, and not necessarily on the mat, performing super twists or endlessly long breath holds. It is a path to developing awareness, humility and compassion for both yourself and others.

This is the road to Damascus, which requires great courage to see the light and be honest with yourself. This is a path that does not allow haste. Are you ready to stop? Then you will walk in Joy. After all, when we can stop and contemplate, we rejoice. And this is the Art of Yoga.

I try to develop both a scientific and creative approach to the practice of yoga and especially yoga therapy, combining them into a single yogic method, which translated from Sanskrit into English means “holistic” method.

How did I become a yoga teacher and yoga therapist? I came to this on a very winding path. From a forgotten childhood dream of becoming a doctor, through working as a lawyer and the many lessons that my body taught me. And I'm still not a wizard, I'm just learning! I learn with every breath I take. I study and thank God and Life and everyone who meets me on this Path, teaches me and learns with me.

This is a study that lasts more than one life, perhaps. It happens here and now, at every moment of our lives. The Science and Art of Yoga is our breath. Every breath we take is a fulfilled duty to maintain in this body the priceless gift of Life on Earth, every exhalation is a sacrifice, letting go of everything to God’s Will. That's all you need on this path: to live here and now, on Earth, and remember whose beloved child you are. And daily yoga practice helps with this! I wish you peace and joy!

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