Ingredients — serves 4:
Kohlrabi (young and tender) 300−350 g
Avocado 1 (medium size)
Seedless grapes (fresh or preserves) approx. 50 g
Cucumber, fresh 1 (small size)
Cucumber, pickled 1 (small size)
Tin green peas 100 g
Basil 2−3 sprigs
Wheat flour 30−40 g
Olive oil 1 tbsp.
Milk (hot) 75 ml
Vegetable stock (hot) 100 ml
Parmesan, grated 100 g
Pomegranate juice (alternative cranberry juice) 50 ml
Nutmeg, grated ¼ tsp.
Salt, freshly ground pepper to taste

Depending on your liking to a cooked or raw kohlrabi, there can be two different beginnings. If you prefer the cooked one, cut the kohlrabi into more or less thick sticks (approx. 1×1×4 cm) and cook it for about 10 minutes in the slightly salted water. Do not overcook — only until al dente. During this time prepare the dressing as below. Those preferring raw kohlrabi: start with the dressing first. Dressing: Fry the flour in the olive oil (preferably in a casserole). Turn the heat down to low, add the hot milk and vegetable stock, stirring or whisking constantly till the mix is creamy. Stir in the Parmesan, add the pomegranate juice and nutmeg, season with salt and pepper to your taste. Let the dressing cool down. Drain the cooked kohlrabi, cool it down a bit and put into a salad bowl. Those using raw kohlrabi: cut it into thin sticks, approximately 0,5×0,5×3 cm, put into a salad bowl. The rest is the same for both variants. Cut the avocado and cucumbers into cubes (or strips), add to the kohlrabi. Add the grapes (whole or halves — depending on the grapes size and your liking) and last of all, the tinned green peas. Mix all the ingredients gently and dress with the prepared dressing. Garnish with some basil leaves. Enjoy your meal!