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The most common yoga therapy methods, as a rule, are limited to their impact on the human body as an organism, i.e. a biological form of material organization. This idea correlates with the western medicine approach, and therefore is "scientific" and undeniable. The most respected explanations of Hatha Yoga mechanisms are based on the logic of material component functioning of the human body.

For example, you can often read or hear about hemodynamic and reflectory methods of yoga therapy, about different therapeutic aspects of Shatkarma, asana and pranayama through the prism of their influence on human body. However, all these methods point at the reductive and mechanistic model of therapy, at the left-hemispheric thinking. Strictly speaking, it ignores "Psycho" (= "soul", if you remember Greek ;)) part of the person and, consequently, it discredits the idea of "yoga".

This article, as its name implies, is dedicated to the method the effect of which cannot be explained in terms of physiology. However, stating its essence, we are seeking to unite these two seemingly very different coordinate systems, in other words to achieve a state of "yoga" between science and spirituality. In scientific terminology awareness method can be called as an informative-field method. This method is about influence on the so called information field, arranging the particles of matter. But first things first. Let us start with… the most complicated ones.
Overcoming suffering — overcoming negative thinking
Everyone knows that one of the translations of the word "yoga" is a "unity" or, in scientific words, "integration, synthesis." What is integrated? It is a rather individual question. You can often find the following definition: "unity with the Divine." According to Desikachar, yoga is "all that brings to the perception of a certain Power which is higher and more powerful than us." Developing this idea, perception ourselves as part of this Power, going beyond duality of mind ("overcoming paired opposites", according to Yoga Sutras), overcoming wrong perception ourselves being separate from the whole world.

If mentality is based on the opposition of "I — You" and "Bad — Good", negativity arises; the rejection of what is "bad" and "not mine." In neglected case ;) it leads to inability to enjoy the good, fail to see it. For example, you can equally enjoy whether you have a car (to drive it when you need or desire) or not (no need to service it). But usually all of us, except saints, — choose contrarily. Between war and peace for some reason we choose war.

We choose. That is the first and most important thing to understand. No animal has a free will, only a human being. Animals choose instinctively; that does not mean consciously and free. They follow the "program." And it should be noted, that carrion for a jackal — is "good", while for the lion it is "bad." But this does not mean that the carrion is objectively good or bad. This is just a point of view. In this sense, yoga can be interpreted as a union of diverse points of view, "binding threads of the mind." (Yoga Sutras)

So, to get rid of pain, the first thing to do — is to stop willing to get rid of it. Stop fighting for peace. Once we cease to see the bad, in other words, label things so, this is no longer bad.

Face the truth
To stop seeing the bad — does not mean to dismiss it or bite the bullet. Unwillingly nothing constructive can be done. Progress (new achievements) is (are) only possible with an open heart. And it is neither a figure of speech nor even spirituality.

To open heart is like to open arms. This is an expression of acceptance. Even our body reflexes prove it. Considering myotatic reflex, it is evident that while the body is "worried" about unusual way of muscle stretching, this muscle reacts in the opposite way — it contracts. If we do not make any sudden and quick movements, i.e. do not change the posture too quickly, the body accepts it, and the muscle relaxes. The body seems to understand the need to change its attitude to the situation, which can not be changed.

To be aware of a problem, to accept its existence is half the solution. The second half, perhaps, is to take over the responsibility. If I have got a problem, then there is a reason for it. For somebody else the same situation is not a problem at all. The only problem is my point of view. Swamiji Satchidananda used to state that if a person points his finger, accusing someone or something in his problem, the other three fingers point him. Therefore, the responsibility is the acceptance of the need to change ourselves, to search for the "right" point of view.
Can a microscope help to find the right point of view?
Since Einstein’s times physics unconditionally accepted the paradigm of energy field primacy, which organizes the matter. In medicine, this idea never fully took hold, limited to the acceptance of psychosomatic nature of most diseases and existence of the placebo effect. If the first concept has got a proper application, then behind the last is the "Iron Curtain."

Western medicine does not gain from going beyond the limits of the terms "psychosomatic" or "placebo effect." What is beyond them? Besides severe potential losses for pharmaceutical industry (and not only!), beyond these terms there is a recognition of matter secondariness. Plain and simple. It is difficult for any person, because we got used to trust only what can be experienced. We’ve got used to rely on knowledge, not faith.

However, knowledge comes not only from analysis, but also as a result of synthesis or integration. Going too much into details has already led to the fact that a disease is treated, not a person, contrary to popular slogan. This also runs counter to the modern knowledge proving that thoughts are things. However, we prefer to depend on some external circumstances, whether it is a doctor or a medication, or even a complex of yoga therapy practice. Thus we become perpetuated about mistaken belief that each of us is a kind of "self-standing unit", and what is the most destructive — that our health and happiness are external. Thus, we simply shift the responsibility for our lives.
All the answers lie within us
Let’s go back to the issue of integration as the only constructive approach, in particular, to therapy. It is indisputable that a large part of healing is the result of the placebo effect. In fact, placebo effect — the phenomenon when mental set prevails over biological and chemical processes. This is a key point to the holistic treatment, which deals with the causes rather than with consequences of various pathologies. It can also be called the impact on the level of information or, as scientists call it, human morphogenetic field.

We have already mentioned that hatha yoga practice is a nonspecific psychosomatic therapy. However, the term "psychosomatic" here means not only a key role of nervous system, but also acceptance of soul primacy with respect to the human body. Without doubt, there are those who want to put the soul under a microscope and will go on replacing it by the term nervous system, because the work of neurons and neurotransmitters can be investigated by scientific methods — but not the soul.

Nevertheless, the scientists involved in quantum physics, do not deny its existence. According to Einstein "field is the only thing that subordinates particles" and, therefore, the matter is not primal. All material particles of our bodies are subject to the field. This field contains information. Where does this information come from? The field is unlimited. It is everywhere. We are field and we are part of the field. Thus, there is a constant information exchange between different parts of the field. For example, we send some information to the field, and we reap the fruits of the field changes. Therefore, we need to recognize and accept ourselves being integrated into this field.

Strictly speaking, this is the path of overcoming selfishness. This is the path of recognizing yourself as a part of the whole river of life. A part of the stream. As a consequence — to take over responsibility for our actions and for thoughts. If we are a part of a stream or river, then we bring into this river the sum of all our thoughts, and so often they are similar to poisons or sewage…

"All health problems come from nervousness…"
This phrase has a continuation, making us think in religious or moralistic way: "… only syphilis from pleasure." Humanity was given the laws of Universal ethics, which have diverse names in different traditions. In yoga these are "yama" and "niyama", different religions have commandments. Failure to comply with these laws comes back to bite later not only the offender, since the consciousness field is unique. It is a scientific fact. All the changes in real world are made by the noosphere, according to Vernadsky, or by consciousness. Therefore, compliance with ethical laws, as the first small step towards awareness, will definitely give all of us more joy and health.

Let’s get back to the psychosomatic, or rather to the problem of "Psycho." Even holistic approach of yoga-therapists, including the author of this article, is often limited to "the considering psychosomatic nature" of diseases, which results in integrating of calming and relaxation techniques into the therapeutic set "for neurotony normalizing." There is a limited understanding of "psycho" only as human nervous system, and that points at thinking within the limits of Newtonian paradigm — "matter is primal."

If we readily substitute notion of the soul to the notion of the nervous system, then in theory, we would have to explain clearly and logically, why it is formed during ontogeny. But no one knows exactly. There is no "official" explanation why embryonic cells begin to differentiate forming three layers, and epiblast becomes nervous system afterwards. Many questions "why?" or "under the influence of what?" have no answers in medicine. Alternatively, it explains "how" and "what" to the smallest details, losing integral picture.

How did it happen that yoga therapy has, in general, nothing to do with yoga? Yoga means overcoming the separation. As it turns out, "scientific" yoga therapy tries to delve into the analysis, digging into the details of biochemical processes and laws. And that is not our "Western" thinking. First scientific studies on hatha yoga mechanisms were conducted in the yoga homeland, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute of Swami Kuvalayananda. And there is nothing reprehensible in analytical rational approach to yoga. Bhagavad Gita says: "with the sword of knowledge cut asunder the doubt of the Self born of ignorance, residing in the heart and take refuge in Yoga." We have just got carried away with "cut asunder". However, everything should be balanced.
The Middle Way
Jesus said "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you."" (Luke 17: 6). Who of us has this faith?

This question reveals one of the sticking points in the application of informative field method in yoga therapy. You must admit that it would not be humanly to recommend the patient with arthrosis to "open chakras" or "clean energy channel." So how should we choose an appropriate informative field method for a stranger? How can we help him to cultivate his mustard seed? After all, we all are different: someone seeks answers in religion or his tradition, someone finds answers in Louise Hay’s and Luule Viilma’s books, someone needs detailed explanation of Hatha Yoga effects, and someone should be given a glucose tablet under the guise of a drug for self-healing.

"The Middle" of yoga therapy way is about helping people to cope with a particular disease, under the guidance of yoga itself — to strive for bringing awareness to the patient’s life. Awareness, in turn, is a "middle way" itself, it means an opportunity to control the matter through the intentions, and the understanding that we are just a part of a unique universal field, and can control, at best, only ourselves.
Freedom of the Will
We can change nobody in the world except ourselves. It is an indefeasible law. However, it cannot go unnoticed that the world alters as we have changed ourselves. This is just because we are an integral part of the Whole, the One. Therefore, we are co-creators. Each moment we create our "own" reality, "our" life, because we are "made in the image and likeness" of God Himself.

The creativity has one "but" - the result does not belong to us. This is the forbidden fruit. As soon as we cling to the result, we are "expelled from paradise," we doom ourselves to suffering. Not because we are "trembling creatures" but because it is the law of life. Universe exists under the law of sacrifice, a selfless service, "the all-pervading Brahman Is eternally established in sacrifice" (Bhagavad Gita). This is precisely why the Creator gave us free will. Instead of using it for intended purpose, for self-development and helping others to develop, we limit it with our own delusions. We close on ourselves, make much of our problems…

When we concentrate on the problem rather than on its solution, where do we direct our energy to? When we condemn, lose our temper, or despair we just throw the gold on the scrapheap. It’s a known fact that some of saints and monks got stigmas and Christ’s wounds because of concentration on Passions. It is also known that some saints and other people (!) healed people simply by touching, or at a glance. Christ’s words "according to your faith be it done to you" are very practical.

Both science and spirituality concur in the following: it is time to give freedom to our will, giving it a peaceful course, to create a space of joy and love. It is in our hands, it is just necessary to realize that we are connected to this channel of Love and Joy, the only condition of participation in which is selflessness.
The one who does not fight is invincible
To explain sophisticated mechanism of information field method in yoga therapy, we have appealed to quantum physics, proceeding from the primacy of mind over matter. This allowed us to bring the scientific basis for the difficult, but the most effective and universal method of self-improvement.

It is worth emphasizing that a health problem must be dealt in two directions: inside and outside. Physical aspect of life should not be neglected, it is like being ungrateful for the chance to live and to understand something in this world. Limiting just to "tapping in the pipe outside when it chocked" is neither reasonable nor effective. The most important thing — remember that the point is not just to unclog, but not to let the clog make us gloomy, and let us understand why it came.

Awareness — it is not even a method. It is a way of life. This is the only way of life that justifies confidence given by life.