Show me the right path,

Don’t walk out on me!

Why am I here?

Why so ruthlessly free?

Show me the right path

If there’s one at all…

Your Love is Freedom

For those who know

How to renounce

From knowing and flow,

Feel the unspoken, unfold and behold.

Show me the right path…

They say You are here.

How do I know

It’s Your voice that I hear?
Is it You smiling?

Are these Your tears?

Why can’t I see You

Among all my fears?

Is it the only place where You don’t dwell?

Is it the edge of Your fathomless well?

How much unfreedom

Do I have to be through

To realize that

it has been untrue…

To accept my true greatness

in my awkward fashion,

To discover my path

devoid of possession.

You’ve shown me the right path

Nor right neither false

Neither for weakness

Nor for to be forced.

For those who mastered the art

to be never lonely  and never apart.

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