We are ready to take off, please …UNFASTEN your belts! ;)


I often deal with people who are in the «search of themselves». Maybe that’s because I’ve been through it and I really know how it feels. And I am absolutely convinced, that there should always be a happy end in such hide-and-seek-stories.

My story is very common. I did what my parents wanted me to do. I did it unconsciously without any pressure from my parents,  just totally unaware of my true motives and desires.

I graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Law, veeery prestigious in Russia,  got my master degree in European Law in Germany, did a great career at international law firms working both in English and German and I quit for yoga free lance life when I was a senior associate.

It was a bold jump from a cliff  I should admit. And yes, I was afraid. And yes, my parents were shocked but eventually they had to put up with it admitting that my life is mine. And yes, I’d been pondering over this issue for about a year before I resolved. And yes, I have never ever regretted it. I am a happy person. I do what I love, I’m inspired by what I do and I do earn good money not only for living with my 8-year-old son but also have enough to travel and learn whatever I wish to develop and diversify my skills.

Of course I had my bad times. That’s common. And as it usually happens the bad times created a stronger me to be able to embrace my good times.

In six months after I had jumped out of my posh office suite I couldn’t walk properly. I had two lumbar hernias which made me suffer a terrible pain. Ironically enough exactly on the day when I learned about the hernias my ex-boss called me to inquire if hadn’t changed my mind. I told him that I hadn’t. Switched off the phone and burst into tears. I was lost and helpless. I really didn’t know what to do. But I knew I would not want to return to the lawyer’s job. After a meditation I realised that it was my best chance to become a good yoga therapist as I had always aspired. And I started from myself. I was my first and my most «complicated» patient. In 5 months however I could practice and teach the same ha-tha yoga as if there had never been any herniated disks in my spine. But it required a lot of patience, learning and positive thinking. During these five moths I translated a part of «ANATOMY of HA-THA YOGA» by David Coulter now published in Russian and decided to graduate as a physiotherapist. And I did so.

12 years passed. Now I am committing just another jump from another cliff. I am moving to a totally different culture to a totally different climate and — what is more — to a totally different attitude. To blessed and ravishingly beautiful Sri Lanka. To tell the truth, the cliff I’m jumping from is not so different. It is also the status cliff.  To have a good social status is the essential attribute of any big city. And Moscow is one of them. This is the root of anxiety and unhappiness. Cause it’s never enough. What we do here in big cities — we are rushing to… die. So I quit. I choose to slow down and really live for each second as a human being who’s got nothing to prove or deserve. I choose to live my life closer to nature and its rhythm. I choose to be a free and a happy HUMAN. Time will show what jump is to be next.  And if someone calls all this down shifting I say it is conscience lifting. 😉

The show must go on… )

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