Regular classes

Dear friends, I’m very happy to communicate that my individual yoga-therapy consultations and well-being coaching are available in Kirinuga Boutique Retreat or in WHATSAPP or Skype (see the details below)

The topics of my workshops and courses are various yet always refer to different aspects of Yoga, the science of integrity and harmony.

  1. Yoga therapy fundamentals for back and joints

A 6-hour workshop on the applied fundamentals of yoga therapy for various back and joints disorders including ostheochondrosis (herniated discs, spondilolisthesis, etc), arthrosis, scoliosis and poor postural patterns. The emphasis is on the holistic approach: we talk about the causes of these disorders and how to eliminate them with the help of yoga, ayurveda and even sound of your own voice. The workshop can of course be reduced to an overview of some issues at the group’s request.

  1. Ayurveda, the science of life

A workshop on the basic concepts of Ayurveda applied to yoga and yoga therapy practice. We learn how to listen and understand the language of the body systems and how to correct one’s daily regimen and diet. The workshop is available as a 3-hour lecture or 6-hour interactive workshop with practice in small groups.

  1. Yoga for women

A 6-hour workshop (or a 15-hour course) on fundamentals of female physical and energetic anatomy . We learn how to live in harmony with feminine nature, accepting, caring and creative. We learn how to practice in case of various female health disorders and how to attain contentment and joy accomplishing the female mission with the help of yoga and voice practices.

  1. The magic of aromatherapy

A workshop about the power of essential oils which can help to sustain health, good mood and make yoga practice even more effective. The workshop is available as a 3-hour lecture or 6-hour interactive workshop with practice in small groups.

  1. VOICING (sound healing) and hatha yoga — a path to silence

We learn and experience how sounding can help to «open» one’s body, mind and even heart. This is a breath taking journey towards harmony and silence within oneself, through discovery and acceptance of oneself.

  1. Cleansing practices of yoga – Shatkarma

We get comprehensive info on all the 6 cleansing practises, indications and counterindications for the. And we master the practice some of them: sutra-neti, kapalabhati, tratak, agni-sara kriya and nauli.

  1. New topics pop up from time to time, so stay tuned… 😉


Should you have any questions or suggestions on organization of my workshops, you are welcome to contact me:
julia.siniavskaya @ (make sure there are no extra space in my address before pressing the button «send»), WHATSAPP +7 915 299 94 57 and +94 76 165 84 25

I’m fluent in Russian, English and German, so feel free to contact me in the language comfortable to you.