Literature endeavours: Time…

Time —

the Snow Queen of the Universe —

A ruthful blessing and a graceful curse.

A surgeon and a pill

would hastly rush

and would stay still…

In insight of eternity

in everlasting peace

in infinite serenity

in move that never cease…

Have mercy on me, please!

you shrink and squeeze

you stretch and last

my begging is  —

don’t freeze my past!

keep it alive and vivid!

and let me fully live it!

oh, let me really thank

every experience I take,

embrace the bonds I pertly break

at edges of my highs and lows…


oh, you, conductor of the show

don’t cover please my past with snow.


oh, you, the icy beaming stream!

each drop of you adds to the sea,

then ocean of our flashing lives

where future turns to past and strives

to linger there, though in vain

as phantom of  a somewhat train


your diamond tears —

the glancing seconds

are mortal spears

for those who reckons

to catch your pace —

immortal race —

they only deal with echoes.


oh, let me master this fine art

be ever-present to my heart

and pay my dues and best regards,

and send my grateful greeting cards

to past and future in my palms

with love from present’s frail realm.

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