Literature endeavours: It’s once again high time for things to change

It’s once again high time for things to change.

For you to come. For me to leave. For longing for each other.

For learning to accept as blessing though so strange

The tidal waves of life that wouldn’t bother

To care if it’s bad or good to haste,

To be in constant move, impermanent and slipping…

And even though we couldn’t well embrace

This truth by heart, we hope to conceive it.

And even though we wouldn’t try to prove,

That things remain the same, even so willing

To make it easier to get into a groove,

We’ll get once more bewildered by their meaning…


And  cherishing the tenderness we have

To give each other when we are together

Feels like a burden when we are apart

With no idea of our nearness whatsoever…

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