julia_sin_smHello and welcome to the pizza-yoga project! 😉

Pizza — because you can find here a broad variety of techniques for recovery and maintaining physical health and menthal peace on the basis of the ancient Science of Attaining Integrity, the Science of Yoga.

I strongly believe that we are here to discover the Great Source of Love and Peace within ourselves and to re-unite with it. And to do that we, first of all, have to get cured. Heal our various diseases (dis-«eases»), caused by disintegration with the Source. And this is exactly what Yoga itself is aiming for.

For me Yoga is Life. It is the way back Home. It can be practiced very differently and not necessarily on the yoga mat, and not necessarily doing some super-twist-asana or infinite breath retention. It is the way of developing awareness, humility and compassion towards yourself and the others. It is the Road to Damascus, demanding a lot of courage to open your eyes, to see and to be honest with yourself. As long as you are not in a hurry and ready to pause. Only then you get joy. You can experience joy only when you can stop and behold. And this is the Art of Yoga.

I am doing my best to develop both scientific and artistic approach to life and my practice of yoga, especially to yoga-therapy, and integrate them into single yogic, which is Sanskrit for «holistic», method.

How it happened that I became a yoga teacher and therapist? Well, it’s been a winding path indeed. The road from neglected childhood’s dream to be a doctor through lawyer’s job and a lot of instant lessons of my own body. And I’m still on the move, I’m still learning… Learning with each breath in and out, with all  gratitude to God, Life and to those whom I meet on this Path both as students and teachers at the same time.

This learning takes more than one life, I suppose. It takes place here and now in every single moment of our life. After all, Yoga is breathing. Our each breath is a fulfilled duty to sustain the precious gift of life here on the Earth, and each exhalation is the sacrifice of all the fruits of our actions to the Great Source we all originate from. That’s all: live here on Earth and remember Who’s beloved child you are. And the best way to remember that is — daily practice of Yoga.

May the real peace and joy dwell in your heart!


julia_sin1Curriculum Vitae

▪    2003 started studying and practicing hatha-yoga at Astanga Yoga Center, Msocow;
▪    2004–2005 — lived and practiced in Germany, mostly in Bremen (Vinni Yoga) and Hamburg (Astanga Vinyasa Yoga);
▪    Certificate of Universal Yoga Teacher by Andrei Lappa, Kiev, 2006;
▪    from September 2006 — teaching hatha-yoga at Astanga Yoga Center, Moscow;
▪    Certificate of Yoga Teacher by Astanga Yoga Center, 2007 (entitled to lead classes of basic, intermediate and advanced level);
▪    Certificate of International Yoga Federation, 2008 (signed by Swamini Yogamatananada, Swamini Dayananda);
▪    2008–2009 — conducting classes, therapy and workshops at «YogaDom», Moscow;
▪    from September 2009 — until now teacher of the «Prana» Yoga Center, Moscow;
▪    from September 2009 — until now teacher at the Teachers’ Training Cours at «Prana»: lectures on Ayrveda fundamentals, shatkarma,  women’s practice and yoga for kids, theoretical and practical basic introductory course on  yoga-therapy.
▪    2010 — Diploma of the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism entitling to be occupied with rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Topic: «Possibilities  of Rehabilitation of S-shaped Scoliosis of III degree by Means of Hatha-Yoga»;
▪    Certificate at Schroth-therapy for Scoliosis, Аsklepios-Klinik, Bad Sobernheim, Germany, 2013;
▪    Certificate of Aromatherapist, Astarta school, Moscow, 2014;
▪    starting 2014 — teaching yoga for kids at the «Big Turtle» Club, Moscow; engagement as a teacher at kids’ summer campus 2014, 2015;
▪    Certificate at «Special Yoga for Special Kids» by Jo Manuel, 2015;
▪    Certificate at sound healing (International Sound-Healers Association, Alcalali, Spain, 2015).

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